My New EP

by Chris Hatton

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    This album was recorded in the spirit of capturing the perfomace. I tried to record these songs as soon as possible after they were conceived. There's alot of dirt on these tracks. Thanks for Listenin'



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released December 1, 2010

all music and recording: Chris
Artwork by: Dennis Baker and Chris



all rights reserved


Chris Hatton Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: The Milky Way
Maybe I'm dumb, or just lazy. It's too dark outside to see.
Make Decisions Quickly, there's no consequenses if you leave.
They Don't know a thing, memories disappearing one by one. One by One.
Maybe Everything I do is the wrong way, Whose to say, The Milky Way, Is too damn far, so lets go to the bar and just drink to the dream that died.
My heart weighs a ton, and I'm out of touch
Searching for gold, in the dirt and dust
Their hands are bound and tied and theres no more time

Track Name: Something To It
Everywhere I turn, I hear the same words
People saying, Love is hard
You gotta do the work, you gotta feel the hurt
So you can see, the fruits of your toil
And there must be something to it,
Or people wouldn't do it,
It must be something bigger than us all
I'm not an island you see,
Don't know who I'm supposed to be,
But you can't be nothin without love
They build up buildings for it,
They knock down buildings for it,
They'll move a moutain for it,
and drain all the oceans
And there must be something to it,
Or people wouldn't do it,
It must be something bigger than us all
And the bachelor says "don't do it"
The girls they can't wait for it,
We run around in circles, lookin, lookin for love
Track Name: The Champion
We keep losing the game, it makes everyone sad,
It makes everything cold, all the kids are upset
Guess I dropped the ball, Someone missed the call
Got some bad advice, from the stench of my armchair

It's a life, lived, died, drunk
Waiting around for accolades
That never come, the champion
I wish I was bigger, I wish it got better than this

Guess I dropped the ball, some things never change
It's a turd on a lake, A giant mistake


Off with his head, maybe next year
Rings out through the sky, from summer to winter time

Track Name: Pictures Frozen in Time
All these memories, pictures frozen in time, forever
Nothings happening, just smiles on the faces of friends and lovers
I forgot about, all the things that went wrong
I forgot about, why we don't talk anymore
All these memories, are like fairytales
What if these things never really happened at all
Ancient history, written on the pages of time, together
I forgot about, all the things that went wrong
I forgot about, why I don't see you anymore
And the things you remember, are the only ones that matter,
Only your mind can discern
And I'm wondering, I wonder what you're doing right now, are you happy?
Track Name: You've Become Everything
My heart it pays the price, My soul it pays the fee
Sometimes I come up missing, and my eyes you cannot see,
You look so close to me, but you seem so far away
Your on the tip of my toungue, but I can't enjoy the taste

And you've become everything
Playing the drum in my heart
And you've become everything
And I don't know when to start

My soul is tip-toeing 'round, don't wake the body
I go to work every day, in a dead sleep
I hear the words they come out, out from the inside
They sound like fake to me, nothing but lies


Cure all, Cure all, lust and pleasure